Black Family to Sell Stolen Land to LA County for $20 Million

Bruce’s Beach, which was returned to the closest living heirs of the family, two great grandsons, is being sold back to LA County for $20 million.

According to the agreement the family came to when the land was returned, they had the option of leasing back the land to the county for 24 months for $413,000 per year, minus operating expenses, maintenance etc. They also had the option of selling the land back for $20 million. This price was determined by an appraisal process.

black family sitting together

Current zoning regulations would prevent them from developing it in an economically beneficial manner according to Sen. Steven Bradford. The land was zoned for public use and currently there is parking as well as the county's lifeguard training headquarters on the land.

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In episode 92, I discussed the history of the beach, how the family lost it and the decision to return the land to the family. You can watch it on Youtube and you can listen to it on Apple Podcasts, or Spotify

Sources: NY Times & USA Today


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