Sam Dolciné

Founder & Host

Sam Dolciné is a Brooklyn, NY native who moved to Los Angeles in 2016. He started the Black Real Estate Dialogue in 2019 because he couldn't find a podcast specifically focused on black real estate investors. He also started to buy property in the midwest at that time and wanted to learn from investors he could relate to. Sam started the show with the goal of highlighting the stories of successful black real estate investors and he has interviewed investors nationwide. In addition to interviews, he does all guest outreach, social media content creation, event planning for the show, partnership development and more. In the future, he plans to continue growing his real estate portfolio and inspiring others through the Black Real Estate Dialogue Podcast.

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Joshua A. Foster

Digital Design Director

A Philadelphia area native who moved to Los Angeles in 2016, Joshua has led the digital design efforts of the Black Real Estate Dialogue platform since its inception. He has designed graphic collateral for the brand. Outside of his work with B.R.E.D., Joshua is an educator, designer, football coach, and Founder of JAF Creative Solutions— a community impact focused strategic partnership and design consultancy firm.

For any digital design business inquires please visit: JAF Creative Solutions.